TETRA GSSI user group filtering feature for AR-DV1 & AR-DV10
2024年 04月
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2024年 05月
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AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 activation key for “Tetra GSSI user group filtering” PRO feature
AR-DV1 T-TC GSSI The popular AR-DV1 and AR-DV10 Digital receivers have been empowered with an amazing and unique new PRO feature: GSSI user group filtering for trunked TETRA network reception!

By purchasing an activation key, your receiver will be able to import, bookmark and name tag a Tetra network’s GSSI user group list, and to selectively decode its voice communications! You will be able to seamlessly follow a particular group between slots.

AR-DV10 GSSI screenshot Please allow up to 3 working days to receive your unique activation key, after purchase. Requires firmware version 2101C(AR-DV1) / 2101A(AR-DV10) or newer. Instructions on how to activate and use the GSSI function are in the updated operating manual addendum. Download at: http://www.aorja.com/support/manuals/

  Since it is a paid option, please apply on this site and we will issue an activation key after payment is completed. Enter this activation key by selecting [TETRA ACTIV](DV1) / [TRUNK](DV10) on the [CONFIG](DV1) / [MENU](DV10) screen to enable this professional mode. This activation key will be issued based on your receiver's serial number. Please let us know your serial number from the remarks column when ordering. If you do not enter your serial number, we will be delayed in issuing your activation key. So don't forget to enter your receiver's serial number! Serial Numbers for AR-DV1 are such as "095XXXXX" and for AR-DV10 are such as "AA63XXXX".

We are sorry that our shopping cart system is only in Japanese language, we apologize for the inconvenience.

* Please note that it may take up to 3 business days after purchase as the activation key will be issued after payment is confirmed.
Firmware version 2101C (AR-DV1) / 2101A (AR-DV10) or later is required.

* We will send you an activation key by email, so please set up your email software to ensure that you can receive the email from aordirect.jp. We accept credit card or PayPal payments.

You can purchase an activation key from this page. Please click red "Add to cart" button at the bottom of this page for your desired model. Then you will see the following page :
Cart sample
Order instruction

Then you will see the following page.

Please enter your name (enter twice), phone number, email address, zip code, address, and password if you want to register as a shop member on the transition page. If you don't want to register, uncheck it. It doesn't matter which one you choose in the drop-down list of address column, as it is only necessary for our system.

Enter the serial number of your receiver in the remarks column.
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  And in next page, you can select "クレジットカード(Credit Card)" or "PayPal" as payment method. Then click black "Next" button. If you have any question, please ask us from "お問い合わせ(Contact Us)" button on the top of this page.

Note: Entering your address and phone number when ordering is a requirement of our system. We will email you the activation key, so you need to make sure your email address is correct and you can receive the PDF of the instruction manual.
There are many cases where the activation key information email refused and returned. Please make sure you've entered the correct email address and set up your email software so that you can receive email from "aordirect.jp". If you don't receive the activation key after 3 business days, please contact us.


AR-DV1 activation key for “Tetra GSSI user group filtering” PRO feature

[For AR-DV1]
Product code: AKTT-0001
Manufacturer: AOR, Ltd.
Price: 10,000 JPY

AR-DV10 activation key for “Tetra GSSI user group filtering” PRO feature

[For AR-DV10]
Product code: AKTT-0010
Manufacturer: AOR, Ltd.
Price: 10,000 JPY
This page is provided for the convenience when overseas customers purchase an activation key directly from AOR Direct.